You are LOVED.

You are Forgiven. You are Redeemed. You are Accepted. You are Treasured.

You are LOVED.

Have you ever really let these truths sink in? You are loved. Such a simple concept yet so incredibly profound. Maybe you have never heard these words before. Maybe no one has ever told you that you are incredibly precious and adored beyond your wildest dreams. If that’s the case, let me be the first. You are undeniably and irrevocably LOVED.

Or, maybe you have heard those words but thought to yourself, if they only knew. If they only knew the real me; the selfishness and insecurity and weakness that exist in the loneliest parts of my soul… If they knew the truth, they wouldn’t love me. Oh, but there is somebody that does! There is One who has seen the very depths of your heart; the darkest motive, the deepest longing. The One who has seen it all is the One who loves you the most.

You are fully known and fully loved. What a wonderful truth that is. This isn’t some universal, broad-spectrum “God loves the whole world” kind of love. This is a deep, passionate, pursuing, eternal Love. This is a redeeming, restoring, transforming kind of Love. This is the kind of Love that always trusts, always hopes, always endures. This is the kind of Love that died on a cross.

For you.

That’s right. You. Even if you were the only person on earth, God still would have sent his Son, Jesus Christ to die on the Cross so that you could have a restored relationship with Him for all of eternity. That’s how much He loves you. Let this Easter be a time to remember His Sacrifice. His Faithfulness. His Love. And also a time to rejoice, for there is much to rejoice about. You are Forgiven. You are Redeemed. You are Accepted. You are Treasured.

You are LOVED.

By: Natasha Spiers, 2011

A Beautiful Melody

May your life be a beautiful melody,
singing in the hearts of everyone you meet,

May the warmth of your smile brighten the darkest night,
may your chorus be lovely and sweet,

May the tune of your laughter bring joy and delight,
like sunshine on a summer day,

May the rhythm of your heart speak of love and of light,
reflected in all that you say,

When God wrote your song, He was very pleased,
and the angels rejoiced over you,

May you dance with the Lord all of your life,
and know His Love in all that you do.