All That’s You

Dear God,

I have the Strength to move the largest mountain of them all
I have the Perseverance to continue once I fall,

I have the Faith to follow all my dreams, however far,
I have the Hope within my soul to reach the highest star,

I have the Self Respect I need to get me far in life,
I have Determination that will take my hand through strife,

I have a caring Heart that helps somebody when in need,
I have a Love for nature that draws me to plant a seed,

But most importantly to me, I have one thing held true,
The fact that all I am today, has come from All that’s You.

– 1998 –

2 thoughts on “All That’s You

  1. Hey beautiful, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to check out your website until now! I’ve been reading your fb postings about your wonderful adventures and I’m turbo excited for you! I know that you’re being a blessing to the kiddies there just as you bless the people that you come into contact with! I pray that as you’re there, you’d continue to grow in Him, that you’d come to discover yourself in light of how He sees you day after day and that you’d be His light shining wherever you go. Praying that His presence would continually be upon you =) I love you and keep the updates coming girl!

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