In A Child’s Eyes

I wrote this poem in 2001 to be read at a tribute concert meant to raise awareness for the ongoing efforts to eradicate child labour in third world countries.

In A Child’s Eyes

Tears fall like acid rain,
Burning holes through timid dreams,
While nimble fingers work in vain,
Ambition slipping through the seams

A future paved with fool’s gold,
Broken promises, forgotten grief,
Happiness another story told,
With love a lie and time a thief,

It doesn’t have to be this way,
The soul lies far beneath the skin,
Tomorrow is a new day,
The answer comes from deep within,

No mountain can be too high to climb,
No star too far to reach,
No lesson can be too long to learn,
No truth too hard to teach,

For when you believe with all your heart,
That the limit is the skies,
No wrath or shame
Can dim the flame of hope
In a child’s eyes.