The Lies of Consumerism

This quote really struck me…

“A person who feels happy and secure isn’t going to be a good consumer because that person isn’t going to be looking for products to improve their self-image.”

The media has perfected the cruel practice of making you feel a poignant sense of lack and inadequacy in order to manipulate you into buying whatever ‘miracle cure’ is being sold. And it’s an expert at hitting where it hurts.

But can a new car, hair product or makeup trend really make you feel loved, accepted and worthy?┬áMaybe temporarily. Until the next best thing comes along and you don’t have it. Then, what? It. Never. Ends.

We must stop sacrificing our self-esteem on the altar of consumerism and re-establish an identity independent of what we own. Otherwise, we may remain entangled in this vicious cycle until the day we die. What will our precious possessions do for us, then?

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