He Came For You

I was watching the movie, Taken, the other night, and I had a new revelation of God’s incredible Love for me. If you’re not familiar with the plot, a girl is kidnapped to be sold into sex trafficking and her father single handedly rescues her from captivity and certain death.

He flies across the world, fights countless savage enemies and narrowly escapes death on numerous occasions. When the girl sees her father; her rescuer, she exclaims in shock and gratitude, ‘You came for me!’

This illustration of a father’s love represents but a fraction of the Father God’s Love for us. Uncompromising. Unconditional. Unrelenting. His Love pursued you from Heaven to earth; to death on a cross. He came to rescue you from spiritual captivity and eternal death. He came for Freedom. He came for Restoration.

He came for you.

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