Three Dollars

Don Brewster, an abolitionist against human trafficking, in an interview for the film Nefarious, relayed a heartbreaking experience he faced in Cambodia.

Undercover, he went into one of the hundreds of Karaoke Bars where young girls and women are bought and sold for sex against their will.

The owner of the bar told him that in the private room, he could do anything he wanted to the girl he had purchased. The only stipulation was that he couldn’t have sex with her without first negotiating a price.

When his bill came, it read:

Tiger Beer – $4
Bunch of Grapes – $5
Girl who he could do anything to – $3

Three dollars.

Father God, please help us. Please help us to recognize the value of human life. Please help us to fight against our complacency and apathy. Please help us to use the freedom we have been blessed with to break the chains that enslave the millions of men, women and children who are oppressed and exploited every day.

Please help us to view these women as our very own sisters, mothers, daughters. Please help us to obey your command to care for the ‘least of these’. Please help us to set the captives free. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen.