I just turned 31 and I’ve gotta say… I love my life.

Not because it’s perfect, it’s far from it. In fact, it’s quite flawed in a wide number of ways.

Because I’m an extrovert and an overall cheerful person, people often wrongly assume that I’m always in a good mood and consistently happy. But this, of course, is simply not the case.

I experience stress, uncertainty, sadness, loneliness, anger, disappointment and a myriad of other negative emotions on a regular basis. The irony is that I don’t love my life despite all of the challenges that come my way. I love my life, in part, because of them.

Stress allows me to value the permeating Peace that exists in the Presence of God. Uncertainty encourages me to seek the Lord in prayer for Wisdom and Discernment. Sadness draws me into the gentle embrace of The Great Comforter. Loneliness enables me to understand God’s Love in a richer, more intimate way. Anger helps me to realize that emotions are fickle and fleeting. Disappointment forces me to trust in my Father’s Sovereign Will.

Without having to overcome adversity, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. The trials have enabled me to develop a stronger faith and a deeper trust in God’s Goodness. Though the road has boasted its share of potholes and dead ends, there’s no path I’d rather be traveling for I know that with God as my guide, my journey is one of unparalleled Redemption and Hope.

No matter what obstacles you may be facing, remember, if you allow the Lord to meet you in your need, He will transform your trials into a catalyst for deeper intimacy with Him. What better reason to love your life than that?