Here is a poem I wrote when I was in a sad place back in February of 2005. We all experience a vast array of emotions and it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. If you are feeling sad more often than happy, open up to a trusted loved one. Your life is important! ❤

* * *

The numbness consumes her
As she sits and stares
Straight ahead
Looking but not seeing
Hearing but not listening
Her chest rises and falls
But the oxygen escapes her
Her heart beats a haunting melody
But her blood is stagnent in her veins
Her breathing is shallow and lifeless
She searches within herself
For life, for love
But all she finds are the sorry remains
Of what was once a joyful spirit
Her lips
Which had often smiled so willingly
Can now only quiver
Her hazel eyes
Which once lit up with joy
Now only reflect the sorrows of her soul
The sound of her laugh
but a distant memory
that betrays her, haunts her
And so she sits and stares
Straight ahead
As the numbness consumes her