34 Life Lessons in 34 Years

In no particular order, here are 34 lessons I’ve learned over the past 34 years:

  1. Make time for the people and the things that matter.
  2. Live with integrity and compassion.
  3. You can’t make everybody happy.
  4. Never lose your sense of wonder.
  5. It’s okay to say no.
  6. Don’t make decisions based on fear.
  7. Speak kindly to yourself.
  8. Healing takes time.
  9. Keep your word.
  10. Be the kind of friend you’d want in your life.
  11. Don’t compromise your values.
  12. Invest in something greater than yourself.
  13. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  14. Your relationship with God is the most important relationship you’ll have.
  15. Gossip is destructive.
  16. Don’t focus on what others think of you.
  17. Know your boundaries and stick to them.
  18. Vulnerability is not weakness, it’s strength.
  19. How people treat you is more a reflection of them, than of you.
  20. Choose your friends wisely.
  21. Failure is part of the process.
  22. Comparison will steal your joy.
  23. No act of kindness is insignificant.
  24. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.
  25. Don’t be afraid to feel your emotions.
  26. Encouragement is a powerful tool.
  27. Give generously without expecting anything in return.
  28. Remain teachable and curious.
  29. Never give up on yourself.
  30. A simple smile goes a long way.
  31. The world craves authenticity.
  32. Don’t allow bitterness and resentment to fester.
  33. Slow progress is better than no progress.
  34. Gratitude changes how we see the world.

xo Tasha