Shards of Glass

When it feels like all your hopes and dreams are nothing more than pieces of shattered glass lying at your feet, know this: God will make something beautiful out of your brokenness. Each tiny fragment of your life has a glorious Purpose in the Father’s Hands, and when placed together as only He knows how, a masterpiece is created.

Just as a stained glass window is made up of hundreds of small pieces of glass held together by strips of lead, God’s Love is the glue that repairs every broken piece of your heart. His Faithful Mercy is the cement that binds up your wounds. And just as the sun shines through the window to make the beautiful display visible, it is God’s Light shining through you and illuminating your life that makes you the work of art He created you to be.

When it feels like your world is falling apart, remember that God is the Ultimate Healer. He promises to love you with an Everlasting Love and to rebuild your brokenness (Jeremiah 31:4). He will restore the wounded fragments of your life and fit each piece together to create something even more beautiful than you could imagine. So if you  feel as though your hopes and dreams are lying in shattered pieces at your feet, be encouraged:

God creates masterpieces from shards of glass.

6 thoughts on “Shards of Glass

  1. Tashy, I’ve often told myself this over and over again. “When your down to nothing, God is up to something.” Even I often tell the children the same thing. One child will say “so and so broke my structure” and I often find myself telling them, “Don’t worry make something different or make another structure and maybe this time the structure will be even better then the first one.” What we have to do is wait for that new ending piece that will be more beautiful then the first one.

    Hang in there.
    Love yea!.

  2. Sometime it’s only through our brokeness that we seek God, and therefore allow Gods love to penetrate our heart of stones.

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